Your Q-SAFE practical driving test will be taken in a car provided by you that must:

  • meet the class C licence requirements
  • be registered and fitted with number and L plates visible from the front and rear
  • be clean and hygienic
  • have indicator, brake lights and park brake in good working order
  • have a working seatbelt for all occupants
  • be fitted with a minimum of 1 internal and external offside rear vision mirror
  • have tyres in good condition that meet the standard on the car’s tyre placard
  • have a clean windscreen and windows that provide a suitable level of visibility
  • be fitted with internal sun visors
  • have a working speedometer and doors with handles fitted
  • be fitted with a warning device (eg. horn) that makes a constant sound
  • not have a warning light displayed for airbag, brake or engine failure
  • have an anti-slip surface or rubber pad for both the brake and clutch
  • not have bull or roo bars that obscure your view, obstruct the indicator lights, or have something attached that could be a danger to road users
  • if it is a convertible, have the roof closed and secured

Driver assist devices (e.g. GPS, Speed Alarms, Park Assist) must, if practical, be turned off. Cars modified to suit your physical requirements may be used providing there is evidence the car has been legally modified. Your examiner will do a visual check of your car to ensure it is suitable and safe. If your car doesn’t to pass the check the test will be terminated and you will need to re-book to take the test at another time.


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