After you have completed all required driving tasks, you will be directed to the testing centre. Your examiner will give feedback, and tell you if you have been successful or unsuccessful. Any driving errors made will be explained, with areas that need improvement identified. You will be given a copy of your Driving Assessment Report.

If unsuccessful, feedback will help focus your driving practice before your next attempt.

Test result

You will receive an ‘unsuccessful’ result if you accumulate: ????

  • 9 or more non-critical driving errors.
  • 1 specific repeated driving error.
  • 1 critical driving error.
  • 1 general critical driving error.

A test terminated result is recorded if:

  • You refuse to attempt any part of the test without a valid reason.
  • You coerce the driving examiner, through offering a bribe or suggesting any form of corrupt practice.
  • You are under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
  • You are ill to the point that it would not be appropriate to continue the test.
  • You receive instruction or advice from a third party (relative, driver trainer) after the test commences.
  • You don’t comply with the audio/visual recording requirements.
  • Your car is unsuitable, including failed vehicle check or it becomes apparent during the test that the car is not functional for the purposes of testing.
  • Your car breaks down after the test has commenced.
  • There are extremely adverse weather conditions.
  • You are involved in an accident.

If you receive a ‘successful’ result you are eligible to apply for your provisional licence.


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